Founded in Shenzhen in 2012, SHIPTAO is a multi-national team that provides a wide range of services to its clients. We strive to be the largest and most trusted shopping and shipping company in China. We want to be the market leader in China, and want our services to cover the whole world, and we will provide our customers with the most favorable shipping costs.

We work with the finest air or maritime companies to give our customers more choices and choose the most appropriate way for them. Since 2012 and until now, our customer was, is and will always be our first priority and satisfying the customer will always be our main goal.

What is Shiptao ?

As the number of Chinese companies is very large, the company has a huge competition, and China’s living standards are generally low, so China’s products can be said that the world’s cheapest products, of course, is the world’s most used products, A considerable number of things are "MADE IN CHINA". However, although the price concessions, but in China, most companies are not directly to foreign sales and transportation, and even a lot of foreign sales of the company are at a very high price of delivery.

That’s why we exist and what we want to solve for foreigners who want to buy Chinese products. SHIPTAO acts only as a third party between the customer and the seller. We provide the customer with a Chinese address that he can use to make it easier for him to freely purchase and enjoy the goods he likes in the China store. We then ship all the goods at the lowest transportation price to their actual address in their own country.