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How Shiptao Works ?

سَجل في الموقع

Shop from china

You can shop in any China store and have packages mailed to your new Shiptao address

سَجل في الموقع

Consolidate your packages

You can consolidate your packages from different China stores into one bigger package, to save on international shipping costs.

أُحصل على المنتج

Ship the package to you

After all your packages are ready, choose one of many shipping options that we offer.


Totally free

making account in shiptao is totally free. I’ll you have to do is just sign up and start shopping right away


Check your shipping status anywhere

our website is compatible with mobile to be sure that our customer can check And manage everything and deal with his dashboard anywhere.


Check your products from home

we take pictures of every single product before shipping to give the customer time to check the product and be sure that is what was ordered.


Special prices

it has been a challenge to balance between the best quality and the lowest price we could get. But we managed to achieve it through our services that aims to help our customer saving his money.

Stores shipped to us

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